A brief history of Enderby

Domesday Book Entry: Enderby / Endrebie

Evidence has been found in Enderby of Iron Age settlers. From the 1st century AD to the 5th century the Romans ruled Britain. After the Romans left the Saxons invaded England and slowly advanced inland. The Saxons built the first church in Enderby.

In the 9th century AD the Danes conquered Leicestershire and many place names in the county therefore are Danish. The 'by' ending to the modern name indicates Danish influence. The Lord of the Manor was Ulf.

After the Norman Conquest, the land was given to Hugh de Grandmesnil.

At the time of the Domesday Book in 1086, Enderby (or Endrebie as it was called), probably had a population of less than 100. Enderby had a watermill where grain was ground to flour for the villagers.

The manor of Enderby also had woodland, 6 furlongs in length by 4 furlongs in length.

  • Hundred: Guthlaxton
  • County: Leicestershire
  • Total population: 12 households (medium).
  • Total tax assessed: 5.6 geld units (quite large).
  • Taxable units: Taxable value 5.6 geld units.
  • Value: Value to lord in 1086 £2.8. Value to lord c. 1070 £1.
  • Households: 10 villagers. 1 smallholder. 1 slave.
  • Ploughland: 4 ploughlands (land for). 2 lord's plough teams. 2 men's plough teams.
  • Other resources: Meadow 20 acres. Woodland 6 * 4 furlongs. 1 mill, value 0.25.
  • Lord in 1086: Ulf.
  • Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Hugh of Grandmesnil.

Parts of the Old Manor House in Blaby Road date from c. 1500 although there may have been a
house on the site even earlier.

By the late 17th century, Enderby's population had doubled. In the 18th century there were many framework knitters in Enderby.

Present day Enderby

Enderby parish, consisting of Enderby and of St John's, is an industrial village to the south of the city of Leicester. The M.1 and M.69 motorways, which run through the village, are crossed by Blaby Road (the B.582).

Access to the motorways is good, as Junction 21 is only a short drive away.

St John's is situated on both sides of the B.4114, which runs between Fosse Shopping Park and Narborough. St John's lies close to the deserted village of Aldeby, near to the River Soar. The remains of the Saxon Church of St John's, the mother church of Enderby, are still visible.

Enderby is bordered by the City of Leicester and the civil parishes of Lubbesthorpe, Glen Parva, Narborough, Whetstone and Braunstone Town.

- In the 2001 census, Enderby had a population of 5,648.
- The 2011 Census recorded the parish's population as 6,314.