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Good evening Residents, Members and Officers.

It has once again been a difficult year for so many, but it has been wonderful to see the strong sense of community in Enderby.

Enderby Parish Council is extremely proud of its Voluntary groups and organisations which have worked tirelessly to support those who have been struggling to cope.

Coronavirus played a large part in curtailing many of the Council's plans in the preceding 2 years but the Council has continued to work hard on behalf of its residents.

As a Council we have experienced highs and lows during the 2021/22 Financial Year.

Of a potential 58 meetings the Council met 58 times. In addition, a number of Members gave additional time to attend Working Parties to support future events. This has been a fantastic effort by Members of the Parish Council and volunteers and is to be applauded.

I would like to thank you all for your attendance and achievements and support over the last year.

There have been a number of changes in Council membership. We were sad to see the retirement of Mrs. Sylvia Conway a councillor for over 30 years.

We are delighted to welcome Cllr. Alex Romankiw and Cllr. Mrs. Cheryl Cashmore. It is fantastic to see their commitment and enthusiasm to their roles, Cllr. Cashmore being a returning Member of Council. It is without doubt both will be fantastic assets to the Council and community of Enderby.

Enderby Parish Council continues to act as Corporate Trustee and offers its financial support to the King George V Playing Field Charity.

Throughout 2021/22 the Council has experienced varying degrees of success.

There have been a number of changes in staff and the Council was pleased to see the return of the Deputy Clerk, Mrs. Sally Stearn, after her extended leave period. In addition, the Council welcomed its newest team member Mr. Iain Sherwin, who is quickly getting to grips with his new role.

It was with deep regret the Parish Council closed the existing Cemetery provision to non-parishioners 11th August 2021. For many years the Council has been attempting to acquire and open new Cemetery provision adjacent to the existing Cemetery. This has been progressing very slowly but there is now light at the end of the tunnel and this should complete in the near future. Preparation of the Cemetery Extension will be a major project for the Council in the coming years.

The Council was able to host a number of events supported by the Events Working Party during the 2021/22 Financial Year and will build on its successes in 2022/23. There has already been organised an Easter Egg Hunt and Children's Disco. The Jubilee Party in the Park Friday, 3rd June 2022, is coming together nicely and this will be followed by the Enderby Open Gardens 2nd July. The successful Vehicles in the Park returns 17th September, relaunched as 'Park in the Park'.

Enderby Does Bake-off will also return 5th November with new cake categories. Having had the pleasure of judging these last year, I hope to be given the honour once more.

The Christmas Lights event will be held on Friday, 2nd December 2022, when there are plans for greater community engagement and a road closure. The Council's, Events Working Party Members are extremely busy working behind the scenes. The Council is extremely proud to be able to engage with the community in this way.

Mrs. Melanie Rose was appointed as the new Volunteer Co-ordinator at Enderby Community Library the transition being seamless. The Library's achievements continue to grow and it will soon celebrate its

6th Birthday 14th May 2022, there will be a Coffee Morning and Booksale.

We are all proud to see how Enderby Community Library has thrived after its struggles during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Library returned to a phased service 12th April 2021, which increased slowly to its full service 1st June 2021. Since the Government restrictions were lifted Monday,

19th July 2021, the Enderby Library Management Committee is extremely pleased to see a new stream of volunteer recruits. The warmth of volunteers and the community spirit shown is invaluable to this service. Volunteer efforts bring so much joy to all who visit and partake in the many activities offered.

The Council recognises how fortunate it is to have retained so many of its long-serving Library Volunteers who are each a credit to the Library Service by their dedication and contribution with their combined skills which make Enderby Community Library such a success!

It must also be said that the Library Fundraising Team works extremely hard to build funds to support the future of the Library and the Parish Council is greatly appreciative of volunteer efforts and is pleased to see the return of its regular group activities.

Volunteers enjoy coming together in support of the Library and have found long lasting friendships along the way. Anyone with free time looking to transfer their skills are encouraged to sign up to support this volunteer Library service.

The Enderby in Coronavirus Booklet was produced and an Art Exhibition hosted by the Council at the Civic Centre 3rd July 2021. This proved extremely popular; those interested in obtaining a booklet can do so via the Parish Office.

The Parish Church organised its Remembrance Service, Sunday, 14th November 2021, where I was extremely honoured to represent the Council along with other Members.

The Parish Council will upgrade existing SOX lighting to LED lighting and has hopes to illuminate the Murals at Townsend Road in the near future.

Throughout the hardships over the last few years we have achieved so much. The time Members give of freely is noteworthy and although the Council carried a couple of vacancies for a short spell we now only hold one vacancy since receiving the resignation of Cllr. Paul McNeil. Members bring together diverse skills to support the Council work and those interested in becoming a Parish Councillor are invited to apply.

The Parish Council's Groundstaff continue to maintain the Cemetery, Parks and open spaces in good order, which on occasion can be challenging due to reduced staffing levels. The Parish Council sadly said farewell to Mark Stannard, Senior Caretaker, for 7 years, we were able to host a cheery farewell meal at the New Inn.

The Council's Parks and open spaces continue to be well used. The Council is proud and committed to retaining its open space provision and to build upon this for the benefit of parishioners now and in the future.

The Council's thanks would go to Steve, Jade and Tegan for their commitment to ensuring our facilities are kept clean and safe for all users, especially in recent times due to the pandemic.

Finally, I must thank the Council's Office staff, Suzanne, Marie and Sally. As a team they have ensured that all the aspects of running a Council were completed accurately, on time and despite many pressures maintained a professional and cheerful outlook to all. I am extremely grateful to all of you.

It is hoped the Parish Council and parishioners may begin to look forward to better times and the Council invites all to engage and attend its meetings and events and activities it is proud to host in Enderby.

Councillor John Jones

Chairman of Enderby Parish Council

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