Cllr. Fergal O'Rorke

Cllr. Fergal O'Rorke

17, Blaby Road,
LE19 4AP
0116 284 8064
0754 365 6125


Fergal O'Rorke was born in Newry, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.

At age 18, he went to the East London University to study psychology (his first degree), before doing teacher training.

He was a supply teacher for two years then moved to Bedford as a trainee social worker.

Two years later he went to Warwick University to do his Masters Degree.

In 1981, Fergal moved to Leicester to work for the Leicestershire County Council. He retired in 2012.

He says that whilst Enderby is not a 'cosy' village it is a very good compromise between town and county and resources and transport infrastructure are good. On retirement, he joined Enderby Parish Council.

The Parish Council, he says, deals in the main with older people's issues, such as parking and the state of the cemetery.

He would like to see younger people on the Council. A youth voice is needed for a better balance. It might be difficult to achieve but if young people were involved in an organisation, say, at Brockington College, they might feed through onto the Parish Council.

He thinks other issues, like the library, may be delegated to parish councils, which, as with the library issue, will pick up the slack.