Cllr. Mrs. Patricia Beeson


Enderby Parish Council

12 Alexander Avenue
LE19 4NA
0794 0771 185

Mrs. Beeson has lived in Enderby for over 30 years and has come to appreciate the positive aspects of the Village including its many and varied facilities, strong community spirit and friendly atmosphere. She feels that it would be worthwhile to make a personal contribution towards this.

During her working life in primary education she has served on various committees, worked within the local community and liaised with stakeholders. She has gained a lot of valuable experience from this which she would like to share for the benefit of others. There is the option of service as a school governor, but having retired from the world of education after over 30 years she thinks that it would be both interesting and challenging to learn about other aspects of community work where she is hopeful to be able to make a positive contribution.

She hopes that her skills and experience will be a useful addition to the existing group and that she may be considered as a councillor for the Enderby Parish Council.