Cllr. Roger Geisler

Cllr. Roger Geisler


Enderby Parish Council

44 Mitchell Road
LE18 4NX

0779 355 1401


Roger lives with his wife Lorraine in what is described by some as the 'border between the old and the new Enderby'. They have one son and one daughter, both of whom were educated in Blaby district and still live locally although they now have families of their own.

Roger's working life spanned both the police and the prison services, retiring from the latter at the Glen Parva Young Offender Centre in 1998.

Shortly after retirement Roger and his wife moved to Enderby. "I remember thinking that life in Enderby was quiet and peaceful ...although a few would not recognise that description today!"

During the years he has lived in Enderby, Roger says he has witnessed substantial change, some good and some not-so-good. "For most of my life", he says "I have been interested in community matters and so I guess I naturally developed an interest in what made the community in Enderby 'tick'.

Roger's interest in community matters was furthered when, in 2007, he was invited to sit on a steering committee charged with creating the 'Enderby Parish Plan'. The work involved soliciting the views and aspirations of the community in Enderby and then producing a blueprint that would inform decision-makers on how Enderby should develop. The Plan was adopted and published in 2008.

Roger was co-opted onto the Parish Council during 2010 and then became an elected member in May 2011. He feels strongly that local councillors should be accessible and engage with the community they serve.

Having previously served terms as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Planning Committee. Cllr. Geisler was elected and served as Chairman of the Full Council in 2016/2017. Currently he is Vice Chairman of the Enderby Community Library Management Committee and sits on the King George V Playing Field Management Committee.

He says "These are really exciting times with so many opportunities to raise the profile of the Parish Council and engage with the various stake-holders within the community. Hopefully, together we can work in partnership to make Enderby a better place to work and live."