Cllr. Sylvia Conway

Cllr. Sylvia Conway

Wicket House,
3A Bantlam Lane,
LE19 4NB
0116 284 9139


Sylvia Conway was born in Loughborough and was educated at Limehurst Secondary School, then Rawlins Grammar.

Her first job was as P.A. to the Company Secretary at Willowbrook Coaches. She worked at the company for five years before moving to Whetstone. Her next position, for Holmes & Law, was of a similar nature. Seven years later she was made redundant and found work at C. W. Attenborough in Leicester.

Sylvia married Geoffrey in 1979 and the couple set up home in Enderby. They have one son and two grandchildren. She works in Enderby in the family business, Thermal Heating Engineers, which is run by son, Christopher.

She became involved in local government when the Cricket Club wanted to build on the cricket pitch. District Councillor Wilf Mayne opposed the proposal and when a petition was got up, Sylvia, too, became involved. Wilf Mayne then talked her into joining the Parish Council in 1991 or 1992. Sylvia remembers that she was "the only woman on the Council."

In those days, she said, the Council concentrated on the old folk of the village and the play equipment on the parks was "abysmal". She made it her priority to do something"for the kids".

Being the only female voice, the rest of the Parish Councillors didn't listen too hard to what she had to say but they had to eventually because, "I wasn't going to go away!"

Her priority these days is to continue with the work done by the Parish Council to give local people a good standard of living.

Sylvia enjoys her work with the Parish Council and also loves travelling and gardening. She became involved in the Cricket Club and the Scouts through Christopher and is still involved with the Cricket Club.

As far as the future of parish councils is concerned, Sylvia thinks they will have to take on more responsibilities as the "buck will continue to be passed downwards" and she cites the example of Enderby Library, which was threatened with closure until the Parish Council and dozens of volunteers stepped in to save it.