Informal Consultation - Residents Parking - Enderby

Posted: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 09:46 by Suzanne Hansford

Leicestershire County Council is seeking residents' views on the introduction of a residents parking scheme in Enderby.

The County Council is seeking views in response to the concerns voiced by residents over issues relating to parking capacity, parking by non-residents, access for service and emergency vehicles, safety and quality of life. The effect of a scheme would be that only residents with a valid permit for the zone will be eligible to park in the designated residents' parking zone during their hours of operation.

The implementation of a residents' parking area would have an effect on how you park. In particular you would need to purchase a permit in order to be able to park in the designated residents' parking zone without the risk of receiving a Penalty Charge Notice. It is therefore important that you understand the implications of the introduction of residents' parking. Full details are available in the on the County Council website at

How many permits can I have?

Up to 2 permits per household (depending on location and scope of the scheme)

What is the price of a permit?

A residents' parking permit currently costs £50 per year (£25 for motorcycles, free for Blue Badge holders)

What does the cost of the permit cover?

The cost covers:

Administration, Finance costs, Upkeep and security of database

Query and problem resolution, Fraud investigation

Enforcement (both on street and the back-office support),

Annual inspection of signs and lines, Maintenance of signs and lines,

Materials (signs and lining)

Does the County Council make a profit from the operation of residents parking?

No. The fees are purely to cover the actual costs of operation and enforcement.

Where does the income from parking fines go?

All income from parking fines from vehicles parking illegally in the residents parking areas is returned to the residents parking budget in order to be able to limit the cost of permits for residents.

Why do I have to pay to park outside my house?

You are not paying to park outside your house. You are paying the County Council to take measures to reduce the amount of unwanted parking outside your house by implementing restrictions on non-residents.

Am I guaranteed a parking place?

No. There is not enough road space to be able to guarantee a parking place. However, by reducing the amount of non-residential parking the chances of obtaining a space are significantly increased.

How can my visitors park in the area?

Books of visitor permits are available. The current cost is £10 for a book of ten, each permit being valid for one day only.

Letters will be sent to residents living on Broad Street, Cross Street, King Street, Shortridge Lane, Cornwall Street, Rawson Street, John Street, Co-operation Street , Mill Lane and Bantlam Lane informing them of the proposals and asking for residents views and comments on the proposed residents parking scheme.

Letters will be sent out on Monday 4th December 2017 and residents will have 2 weeks to respond using the prepaid envelope provided by Leicestershire County Council.

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