From Loo to Louvre

Enderby Mission Church and Enderby Parish Council have joined forces to improve a local eyesore into a work of art that celebrates the history of the village. The Mission church, which was a church established in 1890 to meet the spiritual needs of the men who worked in the quarry, was successful in achieving a grant from the Enderby Co-op local community causes funding[ii]. Enderby Parish Council had started to improve the Townsend Road area of the village, which included a small one-way system and landscaping the area outside the old toilet block. [iii]

Two artists[iv] met with Enderby Heritage group[v] and the mural celebrates the history of the village across three walls. The main wall celebrates a street scene which depicts the red brick of Enderby, of the quarrymen returning from work at the quarry. In the background of the street are the roads that the quarry stone was used to build.

The side wall has images of the quarry trucks, or hoppers. The contents of the trucks were designed by local children and adults, on what they treasure about living in Enderby. This includes local facilities, including the library and sports centre, local parks, churches and pubs. The children and adults painted their artwork onto the wall over the bank holiday weekend. In this scene these trucks are held up by 79 rocks. These rocks represent the 79 men from Enderby who lost their lives in the two world wars. This scene represents Whistle Way, a disused railway line from the quarry, now popular with local residents.

The last wall is a frame knitter, women who worked from home in the local area, using local wool to create products. The picture is inspired by an original picture by local artist Mary Sloane, whose original picture featured at the Royal Academy.

Brewers Decorators Centre assisted the project with providing a discount on the paint.

The project will be completed on Wednesday 4th September at 4pm and you are invited to attend an event to celebrate the community project[vi] which has enhanced the village centre, and to meet the artists and the winners of the drawing competition, followed by drinks in the Library, where more information about the history of the village will be on display.

For more information on the services of the Mission church please see website

[ii] Every time a Co-op member uses their membership card they get 5% cashback for themselves on Co-op products, and 1% goes to a community cause.

[iii] The toilet block is no longer in use, and the parish now provides toilet facilities in the civic centre and the community run library.

[iv] The two artists are Rebecca Bromley and Ellie-Rose

[v] Enderby Heritage groups meets bi monthly at the civic centre to share and learn information about the history of the village

[vi] Full address in Townsend Rd, Enderby, LE19 4PG

Posted: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 10:38 by Suzanne Hansford

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