Enderby – Conery Lane and Moores Lane

Leicestershire County Council confirms that following the recent letter posted to residents informing of the proposed one-way with no access from the B582 on Conery Lane and Moores Lane in Enderby, there have been a number of concerns raised.

The feedback and general consensus is that residents do not support the introduction of the proposed one-way.

In light of this officers have met with your County Councillor to discuss the options available and we have therefore arranged for further surveys to be carried out to determine the level of HGV traffic and the direction in which they are arriving at Conery Lane and Moores Lane.

Further information will be communicated with a letter following the completion of the required investigations and scheduled surveys.

Leicestershire County Council would like to take the opportunity to thank residents for their feedback and ongoing patience concerning this matter, in the meantime it is asked that residents continue to advise of any HGVs that you believe are infringing on the Environmental Weight Restriction to either the Police on 101 or via our online form which we will pass to the Police for action, the online form can be accessed here. "

Posted: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 10:42 by Suzanne Hansford

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