Council Policy and Information


Equality & Inclusion Policy

Code of Conduct

Data Protection

Staffing Policies

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention Policy (PDF, 532 Kb)

    Staff Recruitment and Retention Policy - Adopted 12th April 2017.

  • Disciplinary & Grievance Arrangements 2013-04-24 (PDF, 212 Kb)

    Disciplinary & Grievance Arrangements - Adopted 24-04-2013. Amended 8th July 2020.

  • Dignity at Work/Bullying and Harassment Policy (PDF, 565 Kb)

    Dignity at Work/Bullying and Harassment Policy - Adopted 12th April 2017.

    In support of the Council's value to respect others Enderby Parish Council will not tolerate bullying or harassment by, or of, any of its employees, officials, members, contractors, visitors to the council or members of the public from the community which it serves. The Council is committed to the elimination of any form of intimidation in the workplace.

    This policy reflects the spirit in which the council intends to undertake all of its business and outlines the specific procedures available to all employees in order to protect them from bullying and harassment. It should be read in conjunction with the Council's policies on Grievance and Disciplinary handling and the Elected Members Code of Conduct.

  • Sickness Absence Policy 2018-05-09 (PDF, 845 Kb)

    Sickness Absence Policy - Adopted 9th May 2018

  • Flexible Working Policy (PDF, 313 Kb)

    Flexible Working Policy - Adopted 12th April 2017.

    This Policy aims to encourage staff to consider flexible working arrangements. The Council recognises that a better work-life balance can improve employee motivation, performance and productivity, and reduce stress. Therefore the Council wants to support its employees achieve a better balance between work and their other priorities, such as caring responsibilities, leisure activities, further learning and other interests. The Council is committed to agreeing any flexible working arrangements, provided that the needs and objectives of both the Council and the employee can be met. It is the Council's policy to encourage open discussion with employees. An employee that thinks they may benefit from flexible working is encouraged to contact the Council.

Standing Orders

  • Standing Orders - Adopted 2020-05-13 (PDF, 721 Kb)

    Enderby Parish Council - Standing orders APRIL 2020 (England) Adopted 13-05-2020 (Based upon the NALC Model Standing orders July 2018, modified by this Council to support the new empowerment enshrined in the Coronavirus Act 2020 and association 2020 Regulations (Effective until 7th May 2021)

Protocol for the Recording/Filming of Council/Committee Meetings convened by Enderby Parish Council

Committee Terms of Reference

Documents & Records Policy

Health & Safety Policies

Open Spaces

Enderby Parish Plan

  • Enderby Parish Plan (PDF, 584 Kb)

    The Parish plan is a local community-led plan of action to determine the future of Enderby and how it can change for the better. It is a document that sets out a vision for the future of the parish and outlines how that can be achieved in an action plan.

Chairman's Annual Report

  • Chairman's Annual Report

    View the latest Chairman's Annual Report and also access links to reports from previous years.

Community Library

  • Community Library

    Community Library policies and procedures

  • About the Library

    Read about Enderby Community Library and view photos from the Launch Day, Tuesday, 3rd May 2016

Enderby Conservation Area Document

Complaints Procedure for use in Complaints Against the Council

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy 2019-05-29 (PDF, 490 Kb)

    The aim of this policy is to outline the practice and procedures for Councillors, employees of Enderby Parish Council and volunteers to contribute to the prevention and abuse of vulnerable adults through raising awareness and providing a clear framework for action when abuse is suspected. It is aimed at protecting the vulnerable adult and the Councillor, employee or volunteer, recognising the risks involved in lone working. The Policy covers all areas of the Council's work (Adopted 9th December 2015.)

Children & Young People's Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

Internet / Social Media Policies

CCTV Policy

Lost Property Policy